About Us

Earl and DoAnn Holzman have been involved in dancing and music for more than 40 years. They have been teaching traditional Scandinavian dancing for over 25 years. Earl began calling English Country dancing in 2010.

Earl has been a woodworker for over 30 years and several years ago started building the traditional Swedish instrument, the nyckelharpa. He quit his job as a civil engineer in July 2014 with the intention of working on the instruments full-time.

DoAnn has been able to learn her woodworking skills from Earl and others over the years, and helps in making the bows that are used to play the nyckelharpa. She also does the web site. She continues to work full-time as a librarian, and helps in the bow-making as time allows.

We live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

(Page last updated on 1/15/2018)