Contact Us

Earl is the primary contact.  He is a little old fashioned in that the preferred contact method is either phone call or e-mail.  He does some limited texting, some Facebook messaging and some Zoom and Skype.  He does not use other phone/computer communication programs.  Earl is on Facebook, and will typically accept a friend request from someone who is identifiable as a musician.

For more information on any of our activities or products, please contact us at:

Earl cell phone: 715.271.5238 (a phone call is better than a text); if calling from outside the U. S., enter 001 and then the phone number.
Earl email: earl[at]
(Earl gets a lot of spam so please include something in the subject line, otherwise if it gets into the spam folder, it might be missed.)

DoAnn email: doann[at]

Tammy phone: 715.579.6521; if calling from outside the U.S., enter 001 and then the phone number.
Tammy email: DraperyTam[at]