Earl builds quality nyckelharpas for intermediate and advanced players of all genres of music, including Swedish traditional. He has built a number of standard 3-rowed nyckelharpas in both the full size and 3/4 size for small adults or older children. He is no longer making 3-rowed nyckelharpas. Earl is currently developing and building 4-rowed nyckelharpas. Soprano (violin range), and Tenor nyckelharpas (1 octave below the violin range), based on the Johan Hedin model are available. The intermediate soprano has solid piece sides, cut with a band saw and will typaclly have a 7-10-10-20 key set. The advanced soprano body has thin bent sides and a 10-12-14-22 key set. A 4-rowed alto is being worked on at this time. Earl plans to have a 4-rowed cello harpa in play by spring of 2019. He uses wood from North America with natural and varied grain patterns, some of which is highly figured. The instruments are finished to bring out and enhance the natural beauty in the wood. Attention is given to keep the instrument reasonably light weight, while maintaining superior sound quality and playability.

We live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. If you are traveling in the area and wish to see what is currently available, or try out an instrument to see if it is something you might like, you are welcome to stop by for a visit. Please call Earl to make sure he is home.

Earl has 30+ years of woodworking experience and an engineering background. He is now working on instruments full-time. We traveled to Sweden in 2011 to study nyckelharpa building and repair with Esbjörn Hogmark. In 2012 and 2014, he attended the Master Builder's workshop in Tobo, Sweden. In the summer of 2013, Earl attended a workshop on French Violin Bow making to improve the bows we are making. In October of 2013, 2015, and 2017 we attended the annual International Days of the Nyckelharpa at Academy Burg Fürsteneck in Germany. While in Europe, we were able to visit nyckelharpa builders and players in Germany and France.


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