Nyckelharpa Cases


Earl has modified hard plastic gun cases with wheels. Contact him for more information on availability and prices.

He has also contacted a case maker in California who specializes in airplane checkable instrument cases. We have one for a nyckelharpa available. There are removable wheels for this case which when removed, have a storage space inside the case.

Betty Holzman (Earl's sister) is a master seamstress and is making semi-rigid soft cases for nyckelharpas. The cases fit normal adult size instruments up to 39 1/2" (100 cm). All cases are made of waterproof packcloth (used to make backpacks and outdoor furniture), velour or brushed nylon lining, polyester padding, plastic corrugated board, and bendable foamcore. They are hand washable; air dry.

inside case

Two of these cases (with instruments) were taken to Sweden in 2012 and 2014 as carry-on luggage with no problems from the airline (SAS and United). Two of them take up about the same amount of room as two carry-on suitcases in the overhead compartment.

CLASSIC CASE has a plain outside on the case, with strap handles only. Inside is the same as a standard case. $235.00 + shipping.

STANDARD CASE has an external music pouch and a smaller pouch on the lid, internal bow box for 2 bows up to 22" (56 cm.) long; sturdy padding for tailpiece, bridge, and keys; 2 plastic boxes for tuners, rosin, strings, and whatever else. Backpack straps are removable and adjustable. There are handles at each end with "D" rings for an optional shoulder strap. This case weighs 3 1/2 lbs. (1.6 kilograms). $305.00 + shipping.

instrument in caseDELUXE CASE has all the amenities of the standard case, plus a removable roomy pouch to carry anything else you wish to carry with this case, and a padded shoulder strap. $345.00 + shipping.

These cases were designed to carry the nyckelharpa with the keys pointing up towards the handles. This way, if you accidentally drop the case, the keys have better protection.

custom deluxe case

Colors currently available are black, blue, light navy blue, teal, gray, forest green, chocolate brown, dark chocolate brown, and maroon. These color names are based on Crayola crayon colors when color is applied to white paper. There may be other colors available at times. If you desire a special color that Betty does not have on hand, contact her to discuss this. If you can provide the fabric, she will reduce the cost of the case a bit.

The inside of all cases are the same, except for the colors of the fabric used. Lining fabric is crushed velvet or similar plush fabric, in various colors. You can ask about current color availability.

Custom cases are available. Betty can add or subtract any of the features on the outside of the case. The backpack straps can be made as a permanent fixture if desired. Size of the case can also be adjusted for small or larger instruments. Prices will be adjusted accordingly. The case to the right was a custom order deluxe case. The customer sent special strapping material to be added to the front of all the pockets.

She can be contacted by calling her at 715.833.7686 or by email.

(Page last updated on 1/15/2018)