Basic Nyckelharpa Maintenance

We now have a YouTube channel with some videos of general maintenance for nyckelharpas. Some of the videos were done on his instruments and some on Swedish-built instruments. Here is the link:

Currently we have a videos on changing the main playing strings, changing the sympathetic strings (on a Swedish-built instrument), taking the keybox apart, unsticking a key, and putting the keybox back together. Different builders make their keyboxes differently, so it is important to watch several videos on this to get a better idea of how your keybox might be put together. With this in mind, here are others.

Vicki Swan has a video showing her partially taking apart the keybox of an Enar Magnusson instrument to fix a sticky key.

Nikolaj Marks also has a video on taking apart one of his instruments to fix a sticky key.

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(Page last updated on 12/03/2022)