Nyckelharpa Strings

Nyckelharpas use two types of strings. The main playing strings are basically cello strings. A string made for a nyckelharpa is a shortened cello string with shortened winding. Cello strings can be used, but you may need to trim the winding and wind up the extra string length at the peg head.

The sympathetic strings are guitar strings.

We stock a full range of Prim Nyckelharpa strings and the Spirocore strings recommended for the Johan Hedin tenor nyckelharpa. We also stock sets of sympathetic strings.

We understand that some nyckelharpa players use Helicore or other cello strings for a different or preferred sound. At this time we are not actively stocking other brands of strings.

For new instruments Earl is using a basic set of Prim main strings with the 4-4-4 sympathetic strings. He feels that his instruments should sound good with a basic set of strings on them.

For more information about strings and tuning, the ANA web site has some good articles.

Here is a pdf format of our String Order Form.

Payment: We are willing to take Paypal for strings. Sending a check with the order form is also an option. We can take a credit card number, but will pass on the card fee.

If you have questions about ordering strings, please contact us.

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(Page last updated on 12/26/2018)