Ordering Information

We see our primary business as building and selling nyckelharpas and nyckelharpa bows. We also sell nyckelharpa strings and other accessories. Servicing existing instruments is a part of being a builder.

Nyckelharpas are handmade instruments. At this time there are no factories making them.

Twenty-five of the first thirty nyckelharpas Earl built were standard 3-rowed nyckelharpas in both full and ¾ size. Instruments were made with either spruce or maple backs. A spruce back is perceived to give a brighter, slightly higher overall sound, while a maple back is perceived as giving a somewhat mellower overall sound. People with violin backgrounds often prefer a maple backed nyckelharpa. Earl is no longer building 3-rowed nyckelharpas.

He is now building 4-rowed instruments. He has now developed two body types in the soprano (violin) range with two keybox options. He is building tenor nyckelharpas (one octave below the soprano) based on the Johan Hedin plans. His next progression is to build viola range and cello range nyckelharpas.

Most of his instruments are a standard full size. Earl can adjust the body size to make it shorter or narrower to provide a better fit for a specific person. He can also adjust the tailpiece length to match arm length.

About instrument size: Earl is 5’ 6” (1.68 m) and DoAnn is 5’ 4” (1.63 m). We both have medium sized hands. We can both play standard-size nyckelharpas. A ¾-size instrument is considered for either an older child or a small adult (5’-2” / 1.57 m) or shorter with small hands or a shorter woman with an “endowment” issue.

We can tune to either the C or D tuning to meet the needs of the player.

We do not have any used instruments available at this time (1/25/23).

We try to keep one playable model of each type Earl builds on hand for demonstrations. Some of these may be orders that are waiting for the next instrument to come out of the shop before delivery.

As of 1/25/23, we have one left-handed, 3-rowed standard instrument. The order backlog is currently at least 14 months.

Here is our general order form which is customized for each order.

Our current prices for instruments are in the range of $5,000 to $6,000 (as of January 2019). The price is very dependent on exactly what you are ordering. This price is just for the nyckelharpa. A bow, case, accessories and shipping are extra.

We have a specific commission order form that lists all the options and prices for a nyckelharpa that will be made for a customer. Please check out the New Nyckelharpa and Photo Gallery pages to see our current models.

We do include a standard guitar strap with all of the nyckelharpas Earl builds. A wooden peg wrench is included will all instruments that have wooden pegs.

We include 2 lessons with a sale. These can be done via Zoom.

Return policy:
We have a 60-day return policy. If within 60-days of your receiving the nyckelharpa, you decide to send it back (with accessories), we will accept it as long as it is in new/nearly new condition. You will pay for the shipping costs plus $100/month (or portion of month) plus any repairs needed.

In the USA, we ship FedEx-ground with a scheduled delivery. FedEx has very good parcel tracking and they require a signature for packages valued over $500. Shipping and handling typically run between $110 and $150 (USD) during colder months; more for overnight, which we do in the warm months. Exact cost is dependent on the delivery location. It is cheaper to deliver to a business address than a home.

Nyckelharpa Cases:
A nyckelharpa case sold with instrument is incorporated into the instrument accessories. If you just want to buy a case, please contact Tammy directly.

Nyckelharpa Bows:
A nyckelharpa bow sold with an instrument is incorporated into the instrument accessories. If you just want to buy a bow, please see our Bows pages.

Nyckelharpa Strings:
Extra strings can be ordered with an instrument. If you need strings, there is a separate strings order form. Please see the nyckelharpa strings page for more detailed information. If you have questions, please contact Earl.

Placing an order:
If you want to discuss placing an order for a nyckelharpa please contact Earl either by e-mail or phone. We will consider availability, what meets your needs and determine a price. You and he will determine what accessories you want along with the instrument. Accessories typically include: bow, case, instruction book, and other items as appropriate.

After the initial contact, Earl will send an e-mail with the agreed upon price and anticipated delivery schedule. At some point we will generate a draft order form and e-mail it to you. We will need a shipping address and phone number.

If you decide to place an order for an instrument, we will need a $500.00 deposit to secure your place in the delivery schedule.

At this time, if the sale is in Wisconsin or Minnesota, we will need to collect sales tax.

We require the nyckelharpa order to be paid in full prior to shipping. We do accept Paypal for most items, but not instruments. (PayPal will sometimes take a 4.4% fee, so if you use this payment, we will request repayment of this, if it occurs.) Personal checks, bank checks or direct bank transfers are fine. We also accept credit cards, but we will add the 4% credit card fee to the total due.

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(Page last updated 1/25/2023)