Baroque-style Bows

baroque-style bowsEarl has developed some advanced nyckelharpa bows based on baroque style bows. The specific baroque style is the "swan bill" tip from the mid-18th century. The frog uses a screw for tension adjustments. He is using ipe and other tropical hardwoods for the stick and frog. He is also making hand turned buttons for the end of the screw mechanism. They are haired using traditional violin bow techniques, so they can be re-haired easily.These advanced bows can be made with or without a silver tip plate and/or wire winding to adjust the weight and balance of the bow. All of our bows have a leather grip above the frog. We have many available in various lengths.

If you are interested in purchasing one, we will provide three bows for you to try, with the stipulation that the unwanted ones will be returned after a set period of time. This provides the player a choice of bows so they can determine which one works best for them and their instrument. Different bows can provide different qualities of sound and having a choice is best for the player.

The price for these bows starts at $600.00.




(Page last updated 9/7/2015)