Earl will be at the following places at the following times. If you are interested in speaking with him at one of these events, or would like to have him come to your area, please contact him. Earl will be traveling with at least one of every size of instrument that he makes, and he encourages those who are interested to try them.

June 8-26, 2023: Earl will be traveling to the west coast and back, staying in Reno, NV on Saturday, June 10; will be at Hey Days English Country Dance week at Sonoma State Univ. in California from June 11-18; the evening of June 18 in the South Bay area; in the Los Angeles area the evening of June 20 through the 22nd, then back to Eau Claire, stopping in the Denver area.

July 14-27, 2023: Earl will be driving east to New York to attend the Ashokan Northern Week from July 16-22; the evening of the 22nd, he will be in south-eastern Massachusetts; then traveling up to northern Maine for a couple of days before heading back home.

August 17-20, 2023: Earl plans on attending the Milwaukee Irish Fest.

September 14-17, 2023: Earl plans on participating at the nyckelharpa course at Halsway Manor.

October 2023: Dodgeville WI, DoAnn will be participating in the Folklore Village Swedish Music and Dance weekend.

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