EarlHarpa videos

Here are links to videos that have been posted on YouTube of DoAnn and others playing nyckelharpas built by Earl:

DoAnn playing Emmavalsen on Harpa 15

DoAnn playing Ashgrove on Harpa 8

DoAnn playing Putsarvals on Harpa 8

Please be aware that DoAnn is only a beginning player, so the quality of the playing is not that great. We put these on so you could hear how our instruments sound.

Ian, our son, has created a You Tube channel of his playing Earl's nyckelharpas. He has several and is adding more on a fairly regular basis.

Ian playing Dans på Kolbotten on Harpas 29 and 30 to show the sound difference between spruce and maple backs (you will need good headphones to hear the difference)

A friend, who is an accomplished nyckelharpa player, provided us with some videos:

Byss-Calle #32 polska in G

Beethoven by E. Sahlstöm

Byss-Calle #32 polska in G on a 3/4-sized nyckelharpa

Beethoven by E. Sahlstöm on a 3/4-sized nyckelharpa

Here is a link to Amy Hakanson's videos. She owns Harpa 6. (Thank you, Amy!)

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