Other Nyckelharpa sites

Here are the sites for other builders with whom we have connections, as well as people and organizations that promote the nyckelharpa:

Holger Funke, a German builder and player. We recommend him for beginner nyckelharpas. (Note: his site is in German, so you will have to use a translator program such as Google translate.): http://www.nyckel-harpa.com/

Esbjörn Hogmark, a Swedish builder and teacher with whom we studied: http://www.hogmark.com/

Olle Plahn, a Swedish builder: http://www.tongang.se/olle/welcome.html

Sören Åhker, a Swedish builder who has plans and kits available: http://www.sorenahker.com/eng/eindex.htm

Jean-Claude Condi, a French builder that we visited: http://www.nyckelharpa-condi.com/nyckelharpa-condi/

Annette Osann, a German builder, living in France that we visited: http://www.annetteosann.fr/

Björn Björn, a Swedish builder who has plans for several different nyckelharpas: http://www.bjornbjorn.se/

Leif Alpsjö, a Swedish player and provider of nyckelharpas: http://nyckelharpa.com/

Vicki Swann, a British musician who plays nyckelharpa. Her site has publications for nyckelharpa players: http://www.swan-dyer.co.uk/store/

American Nyckelharpa Association (ANA); a nominal membership fee is required for full access: http://www.nyckelharpa.org/

Eric Sahlström Institute, an organization in Tobo, Sweden that we have visited several times: http://www.esitobo.org/

CADENCE, a European organization for the promotion of the nyckelharpa: http://www.cadence.nyckelharpa.eu/

International Days of the Nyckelharpa (Germany), a fantastic gathering for nyckelharpa players (we attended in 2013): http://www.burg-fuersteneck.de/kursprogramm/folk_bordunmusik/internationale_nyckelharpa_tage/17-35101/

The French Nyckelharpa site, which includes many mp3 downloads and videos and some sheet music: http://nyckelharpa.fr/stages/index.html (This link takes you to the Stages page, and by clicking on the numbers, you get to links for sheet music, video, and mp3 files, usually at least two for each. All of the links on the bottom line next to the numbers all go to pages of tunes, many duplicated in the numbers, but some may be different. Explore the pages to find lots of tunes!)

Twin Cities Nyckelharpalag, the local (to us) nyckelharpa group that we have help us in various ways: http://www.tcnyckelharpalag.org/

Earl will be in attendance as a vendor with several instruments and bows to try at the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Association's Winter Bluegrass Weekend in March 2017: http://www.minnesotabluegrass.org/winter-bluegrass-weekend.html

Rita Leydon, a player and advocate for nyckelharpa, the source for the DVD on building nyckelharpas with Sören Åhker, and other nyckelharpa related DVDs: http://www.ritaleydon.com/

European Nyckelharpa Training, provides classes: http://training.nyckelharpa.eu/

Nyckelharpa Hangout, a sub-page to the Fiddle Hangout web site: http://www.fiddlehangout.com/group/nyckelharpahangout

"Nyckelharpabuilder" on You Tube has created a video of how to fix sticky keys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaOGO_cB-rg

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