Nyckelharpa Performers sites

Here are some links to sites of nyckelharpa players we have met or have connections with:

Olov Johansson, player from Sweden:

Emilia Amper, player from Sweden:

Marco Ambrosini, player and teacher from Italy:

Didier François, player from Belgium:

Ana Alcaide, player from Spain:
Here is an article about her:

Vicki Swann, player from England:

Johan Hedin, player from Sweden:

Aryeh Frankfurter, a nyckelharpa player from California:

Octantrion, a duo from France:

Väsen, a band from Sweden:

Poeta Magica, a medieval folk-rock band from Germany: and their Facebook page:

Triskilian, a band from Germany:

Gavin Pennycook, a player from Scotland, who has a Celtic Nyckelharpa CD, which is really nice. Here's the link for the CD:

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