Other Nyckelharpa videos

Below are links to some videos on YouTube of people playing the nyckelharpa.

Leif Alpsjö has a You Tube channel where he has created and posted several videos on how to hold and play the nyckelharpa. He has given us permission to link them here.

Olov Johansson & Catriona McKay, Nyckelharpa & Scottish harp, 'Harppolska' composed by Olov Johansson

Boann - 2 Polskas 'Vitter Polska' and 'Eklundapolska nr. 3'

Peter Puma Hedlund playing 'Spelmansglade'

Ana Alcaide playing Pasacalle's Safardi

The ENCORE Orchestra playing "da pacem' by Didier Francois, October3, 2013 (we were in the audience!)

Didier Francois playing "Silence / Boabdic"

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